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Well, Here it is! The second exciting episode (1/00) of Pins & Vids! It's a discussion on Arcade Pinball and Video Game collecting and current events related to the collecting hobby.

I had a lot of comments about the last show (good and bad, but all constructive). I think this show has a bit more polish on it and I can only see it getting better.

Our LINUX friends were complaining that the RM program is unstable on some machines and requested an MP3 version. This was the smallest I could get the MP3 to be to retain a good level of quality when I tested it in Winamp.

Please e-mail me at the link below with any comments you might have.

Download Pins & Vids in MP3 format (9.6MB), ready to run.

Show References:

Marco Rossignoli's "The Complete Pinball Book"Web page for this awesome book!
Clay's Pinball repair pageAn amazing site with pinball repair guides!
Tom Callahan's Repair ConnectionBoard repairs and other info. Good stuff!
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VideotopiaTravelling museum of classic video games.
Trip from Hell!Pictures of the trip. Long loading.

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Last revised: 01/21/00

Thanks to Tony Berry for hosting Pins & Vids!