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Well, Here it is! The third episode (4/00) of Pins & Vids! It's a discussion on Arcade Pinball and Video Game collecting and current events related to the collecting hobby.

The last show went off perfectly. I had nothing but compliments about it. This one may not be what the last one was, but these things have highs and lows. I have a few surprizes in the works so keep listening!

Our LINUX friends were complaining that the RM program is unstable on some machines and requested an MP3 version. This was the smallest I could get the MP3 to be to retain a good level of quality when I tested it in Winamp. The quality is better on the MP3 but will take substantially longer to download.

Please e-mail me at the link below with any comments you might have.

Download Pins & Vids in MP3 (12.2MB), ready to run.

Show References:

Evil Exidy's Arcade ClassicsSee the video on how the city of Lakeland FL tried to close down a collector's garage.
Star Wars Episode 1 PinballAn on-line guide to the game.

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Thanks to Tony Berry for hosting Pins & Vids!