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Well, Here it is! The fifth episode (9/00) of Pins & Vids! It's a discussion on Arcade Pinball and Video Game collecting and current events related to the collecting hobby.

Finally, another Interview show! My guest on this show is Mark Davidson of "The Basement Arcade" web site.

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markd.jpg - 19.30 K Mark Davidson in his "Natural Habitat", an Arcade Auction.

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Show References:

Stern Pinball Web Site Read about the newest pinball out there, Sharkey's Shootout!
Pinball News WebsiteGreat information site. Excellent review of Sharkey's Shootout.
Incredible TechnologiesEngineers of the "Connected" portion of Sharkey's Shootout.
Basement Arcade ClassicsMark Davidson's Basement Arcade Classics Web Site. A one-stop location for the best information and links about game collecting on the web.

Access the Pins and Vids Archive hosted by Mark Davidson of:
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Thanks to Tony Berry, Mark Davidson, and David Haynes for hosting Pins & Vids!