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If you're looking for information on collecting Arcade Video games and Pinball Machines, you've come to right place. There is a popular document on how to install a CAP KIT in a video game monitor. Just click the tech pages button in the left frame to see this and other wonders.

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05/29/14 - IT'S OVER!!! I have decided to leave the Arcade/Pinball collecting hobby. I'm sure people will still see me attending shows, but I'm not going to be doing anything else. Most of my games are for sale. Contact me if there is anything you're looking for. Many have already been sold and this web page is WAY out of date. Lots of friends over the years - I hope many of them stay. It's been one heck of a party!

If you are new to pinball repair, consider purchasing the "This Old Pinball" series videos. They are awesome! They are very inexpensive! They are available on DVD (NTSC) and they run 2 Hours each. The price includes shipping! Click the link below to get the details on how to buy. You'll be thanking me.

This Old Pinball Video Series

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