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Collecting Pinball Machines grew out of my Video Game collecting hobby. A good friend had a really nice Star Trek, The Next Generation machine and I really enjoyed playing the game. The cost associated with machines of this type scared me quite a bit, but I knew I had to have one or two. I went to a local Auction in 1998 and bought my first Pinball Machine, a Date East Simpsons.

I was totally hooked, but I liked the Dot Matrix Display (DMD) that adds alot of additional fun to these machines, so I traded my Galaga video game and some money for my Doctor Who. This showed me that I really was growing tired of the Simpsons Pin so I sold it and used the money to buy my Addams Family. Many machines have come and a few have gone. Along the way, I have learned quite a bit about these machines. The links at the bottom will help anyone interested in Pinball get going and join this exciting hobby.
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Clay's Pinball Repair GuidesThe BEST Pinball repair resource on the net. Visit here before any attempt is made to fix your pin! A MUST SEE!
Cows & Easter EggsAll the SECRET things pinball machines do.
Mr. PinballLots of great information and a great classified section.
The Internet Pinball DatabaseTHE on-line resource to Names and Manufacturers of virtually every pinball machine made.
The Internet Pinball DatabaseNo, we did NOT repeat ourself! They made a second one and this one seems to have more "stuff" in it. Check it out!
Tim Arnold's Pinball PalaceThe ULTIMATE Pinball Collector
System 11Before there was Williams WPC, there was system 11. This new site covers the many classic games made during this era.
Pinball RulesheetsDetailed descriptions of how to play various games.
Bally / WilliamsLink right to the source of what used to be the best pinball manufacturer in the world. Still a ton of great info to be found there.
Game ArchiveAn amazing resource with TONS of information. A must see.
Ken The Pinball Rebel's Custom CardsReplace the price card in your pinball machine with one of these informative and colorful cards. Fun, Free, Impressive! (Click on Pinball, then the link to the cards.)
Paisley PinballA really neat site dedicated to a variety of pinball machines with tech tips and more. Nice Layoout!
Pinball Flyer ArchiveA neat reference site for Pinball Flyers.
BEERCADE!What could be better than Pinball and Beer? Bryan Kruzynski's web site covers Pins and Vids. Quite an impressive collection!
Jeffs Pinball PalaceFeatures pictures of great game rooms and misc info about pinballs.


Vendors are listed as a convenience. I am not responsible for any transactions you might have with them, good or bad. If you would like to have your web site listed here, e-mail me.
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical MuseumMuseum / Dealer in Michigan. Neat Site.
Marco SpecialtiesGreat resource for parts and supplies. Nice people to deal with.
Mayfair AmusementsGreat resource for parts and supplies. Specializes in Data East and Sega.
Repair ConnectionPinball board repairs and good advice too.
TNT AmusementsRetail game sales near Philadelphia, PA. Offers full warrentees and stands behind products. Great place to buy a first game. Personal friend of mine.
Pinball ResourceSteve Young's Pinball Resource. The Best source for pinball parts in the world. Most of my parts come from Steve. New link 9/10/03!
Bumper Action AmusementsAustralian source for Pinballs and Parts.
Great Plains ElectronicsEd Krzycki's Great Plains Electronics. Pinball electronics parts specialist. If you are rebuilding an older Bally or Gottlieb Solid State game, Ed sells the parts you need to bulletproof it. Also sells kits with the parts that need to be replaced for MPU acid damage and more. The prices are great as well.
For Amusesment OnlyA Dealer who specializes in Williams and Stern parts. Lots of great parts for modern games!
Mantis AmusementsA place to buy custom hole protectors for modern pins. They make them themselves and they will reduce playfield wear around playfield holes. They also carry a ton of plastics and other parts. Really cool site to explore.
Competitive ProductsIf you are buying a lot of pin lamps, or multiple parts for future projects, check these guys out. Excellent prices for lamps, pin legs, specialty electronics, and more!
Action PinballLots of custom parts like decals, plastics, etc. Many of the Alan Meyer reproduction parts and other repro and NOS parts.
Shoot Again PinballMy good friend Diane Sauer decided to turn her hobby into a business and now restores and sells pinball machines. The work is first class. Check out her site and see what's available! Another great place to buy a first pin!
Pinball ObsessionA shameless plug for my newest web site. Specializes in custom parts and kits. Home of the "Wobble Head" for Doctor Who Pinball. Currently Pinball Obsession is between projects but expects to have a new kit available soon!
Pinball Inc.James and his crew have been making some of the finest reproduction pinball Ramps there are. Stronger than the originals and made to last. Also sells a replacement DMD power board for some of the WPC games. Awesome stuff, great people!
PinbotzKevin Strasser sells a variety of custom parts including playfield back decals. Also sells machines from time to time. Nice site and a great guy!
Bay Area AmusementsExcellent resource for Machines, Parts, You name it! Lots to see here!
Arcade ChipsMark Capps supplies hard to find chips for many pinball machines and arcade games. Also sells in bulk. Great guy as well! Take a look!


Gameroom MagazineA great monthly print publication with information on many types of gameroom devices including Pinball, Video, Jukeboxes and more. Well written and informative. Occasionally, I write an article and it gets published here. Tell my good friend Tim Ferrante that Al Warner sent ya!
Pingame JournalThe only magazine exclusively for flipper fans. If you love pinball, you'll love this magazine! Tell my good friend Jim Schelberg that Al Warner sent ya!