Pins & Vids Title

At the end of 1999, I noticed that there were two on-line radio shows about Classic Gaming Emulation. Being that I collected real arcade games, I wanted to create a similar show for people to enjoy (or at least tolerate). There have been at least 4 radio shows about pinball and/or video games that I know of since then. I have even been involved with one of them in some capacity. I ended up doing 6 shows in total. The name of the show went on to be the title of a DVD series that is still being produced at

The first show was recorded in Real Audio format. It had a lot of Bass in it and was not very well produced. As time went by, internet speeds and media player standards helped steer the method of delivery to being MP3. I have cleaned the file up and converted it to MP3 for this preservation. In addition, the links referenced in the shows are still intact even though some of the websites are no longer active. E-mail links have been removed.

Audio Episode 1 12/99 - Introduction and a Rant about Cap Kits
Audio Episode 2 01/00 - Book Review, and Road Trip with Steve Zeuner and Rob Rhodes
Audio Episode 3 04/00 - Evil Exidy Shut Down by the City
Audio Episode 4 06/00 - Interview with Jeff Kinder of the Dragon's Lair Project
Audio Episode 5 09/00 - Interview with Mark Davidson of Basement Arcade
Audio Episode 6 09/01 - Final Show - Interview with Matt Ownby of the Daphne project.