STEVE DAY IV - 2004!

Our fourth attempt at a National Holiday!

After totally bailing on Steve Day III, I decided that I would HAVE to be at SDIV! I chatted with Jeef about having it on July 31st and he sent out a note:

Well, since none of you lame-asses are responding to my emails, I'll go ahead and set the date and time in stone! Ha ha HA!!!! I have the power supreme!

DATE: Saturday - 8/31/04
PLACE: Z00n's house

Maybe a littled "reply to all" would be in order so we all know who is going and who is not!

Ya bastids!!!!


There was just one flaw in Jeef's plan, I was going to be in NJ on July 31st, not August 31st and August 31st was a Tuesday. 8 or 9 e-mails later, the plan was set.

Finally, the day came and I was there. Also in attendance was Jeff and Jen Kinder (aka Jeef), Jeff Anderson (aka Vark), Paul Frie (AKA KMA), Seth Soffer (aka z3k3), Mark Davidson (aka basementarcade), and some other guy I met that day (we'll call him Lance because we KNOW it's NOT his name). Of course Steve Zeuner was there, it was starting at his house!

DSC00046-640.jpg - 100159 Bytes

Picture of some of Steve's games

DSC00047-640.jpg - 83517 Bytes

Rick and Mark warm up a bit.

DSC00048-640.jpg - 85394 Bytes

Jeff and Jen playing some Zoo Keeper.

DSC00049-640.jpg - 81205 Bytes

The Blaster that used to be mine...

DSC00050-640.jpg - 50598 Bytes

Mark playing Sinistar while one of the nicest Asteroids Deluxes I've ever seen goes unplayed.

DSC00051-640.jpg - 67487 Bytes

Rick is on Circus Charlie and a Tempest that was found at a landfill is looking as good as new.

DSC00052-640.jpg - 71271 Bytes

There they are again, still hogging that game.

DSC00053-640.jpg - 40380 Bytes

Man, he looks intent on beating that thing!

DSC00054-640.jpg - 76795 Bytes

Rick seems like he's enjoying himself more than Data.

DSC00055-640.jpg - 69898 Bytes

Jeff and Paul show Steve some of the wonders of his new High speed internet access.

After everone was tired of Steve's games, we all went to Ocean City, NJ in search of even more games! After only driving around the streets of Ocean City for a half hour or so, we finally found a place to park only 2 blocks from the boardwalk. Being hungry, we stopped into Mack and Menco's for some of the famous Pizza.

DSC00056-640.jpg - 66022 Bytes

Jeef Poses; he's a Poser.

DSC00057-640.jpg - 66529 Bytes

Jen has a similar picture to mine!

DSC00058-640.jpg - 86693 Bytes

The bulk of the crew at lunch...

DSC00059-640.jpg - 64282 Bytes

Not enough room for everyone at one table.

The guys at the big table paid for us all, at least we think so. If not, I ditched my first lunch bill! Next we were on to various arcades including the famous Gilly's.

DSC00063-640.jpg - 84280 Bytes

Paul really wanted to play the Playboy, but knew I was taking this picture and he is a Godly man.

DSC00064-640.jpg - 76332 Bytes

Both of the Pinball 2000 games were there but SW:E1 was down.

DSC00065-640.jpg - 123572 Bytes

The games aren't perfect, but it's one of the nicest pinball selections around.

DSC00066-640.jpg - 82040 Bytes

Simpsons and LOTR both played pretty well. They are still pretty new. I won free games on both, multiple free games on Simpsons and they were all set for $0.25!

DSC00067-640.jpg - 76499 Bytes

Mr. Peanut was pretty hot, you might say he was a "Roasted Mr. Peanut".

We usually eat well on these events. So after a hard day of walking in the sun and playing games, we were off to dinner.

DSC00068-640.jpg - 71536 Bytes

Waiting in a restaurant's bar outside of town for our dinner table to be ready. The boys all drank fruit juice (grin). Hey, there's Lance!

DSC00069-640.jpg - 64428 Bytes

Seth and Mark debate whether Black and white games should have been made at all.

DSC00070-640.jpg - 60807 Bytes

Just Jeff.

DSC00071-640.jpg - 52692 Bytes

End of the day - we drove back to Steve's. SDIV was over.

It was really great to be back with the crew, I miss y'all! Maybe SDV!?! I had an Al Day the following weekend in GA, but nobody showed. Geez it's only 800 miles!

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