I've met a lot of people while collecting games, with the internet being what it is, faces and names are never really associated. Here are some of the faces of the people I've met! I've included IRC handles (irc.enterthegame.com) where applicable.
Steve Zeuner. Steve is my best friend. He has an awesome collection of games including a Duramold Blaster. I also help him carry the games he buys and sells in and out of his basement. I've had numerous trades with Steve, my Stargate, Ms. Pac, Creature, and Kickman all lived with him. He also gave me the Centipede that I "unconverted". He is one of the good guys. In October of 2001, we celebrated "Steve Day". Click on his picture to see what happened! IRC: szeuner

Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson. Mark runs the awesome Basement Arcade web site and has a huge collection of games. Mark is great guy and has produced some awesome custom products for the video collecting crowd. I've worked with Mark on some special projects as well, the moving Dalek Head for Doctor Who pinball is the first completed. Mark is one of the inner circle and we usually see each other at auctions. I've even helped him get the auction sale prices for the games that he posts on his web site. Great guy! Click here to read an e-mail that we wrote to each other in a fit of comedy. IRC: BsmtArcde

Jeff Kinder
Jeff Kinder 2.5 (the new and improved, 1 and a half times better Jeff). Jeff is the originator of The Dragon's Lair Project web site and is, in my opinion, the king of laserdisc games. He has been a great friend over the years and his web site is second to none! IRC: Jeef

Rob Rhodes & Al Warner
Rob Rhodes (left) and Me! Rob has a nice collection of games including an unoperated Stargate. He gave me a great deal on the Gyruss he sold me which gets a ton of play. I also got my Getaway from him (that I sold to Mark Davidson).

Paul Frie
Paul Frie - Paul operates games and can be seen assisting in the sale of hundreds of games at the popular Pennsauken games auction in NJ. He's a whiz at making things work quickly for the auction and I got to know him a lot better when he joined the #PINBALL channel on the "Enter The Game" IRC network. Purely a coincidence that we met on-line as well as knowing each other in passing. Really nice guy and usually can be contacted on the chat channel during ther day. He goes by the name KMA (although we DON'T know what that means). Paul has really helped me restore a couple of my games by providing necessary parts. Genuinely nice guy. For fun, ask him what a marquee is. Like other operators, he's confused (grin). IRC: KMA

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson - Jeff is the lead tech and curator for "Videotopia". Videotopia is a travelling museum of Video Arcade Games. Talk about "The ultimate collection". Jeff is always on tour, unless they take a break and spend some time repairing the games. With this many games always open to the public to play, repairs are quite necessary. A great exhibit, see it if it comes to your town. I like when it's not on tour, some of us get to play the games in the warehouse - FUN! IRC: Varkon

Seth Soffer
Seth Soffer - I've known Seth for years. One of the inner circle guys. He used to live in a warehouse in Philly. Pretty cool having a big freight elevator to move your games into your apartment. Seth runs a cool web page dedicated to Black & White video games at www.losgatosmuseum.com. He is seen here doing his KPax inpersonation at the Baltimore auction in 2002. IRC: z3k3

Tony-Rayna.jpg - 52467 Bytes
Tony Berry and his wife Rayna came to GA in June, 2006 we had not seen each other for the past 8 years. About 9 years ago, Tony and I got into a discussion on RGVAC and continued it in e-mail. During the course of our e-mails, we said that it would be cool if we could get together and play some of each others games. He had about 60 games (WOW). In December of '98, I was scheduled to go to Little Rock, AR on business and modified my plans so that I could drop down and meet Tony. We played tons of games including his sit-down Sinistar. He even put me up for two nights. It took me 8 years to return the favor, but it was great. We went to Atlanta and did "Touristy" things. The kind of things you NEVER do in your own city. Tony hosted this and other websites for me for I think 7 years. He has been a great friend and I'm so glad to be able to update this picture (the old one was a scanned 35mm).

Rick Goodman
Rick Goodman has an awesome collection of classic games including an I-Robot and every Exidy gun game PCB made. He has a Crossbow and a Chiller in his collection, they are very unique. Rick has been pretty scarce lately.

Mike Turon. Mike is a nice guy (for an operator ;>) ). Actually, Mike is a collector and an operator. I have had multiple transactions with Mike and all have been good. An honest guy who really knows the local operator scene. Supplies games to the Flanders Hotel Arcade in Ocean City, NJ along with...

Tony & Kevin
Tony Pietrofitta & Kevin Fehr. Tony (left) loves Pins and Jukes and runs some of the nicest Pins on location with Mike Turon (Above) (Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, NJ). Kevin (right) is one of those "Wonder Guys" who it seems can fix anything. He really loves Pins, but it seems he can fix anything that takes coins. Click on the picture to see Tony doing his famous "Levitating on a hide-away jukebox" trick!

A "celebrity" shot, Andy Welburn AKA - P-Man. Andy was visiting Mark Spaeth (Andy lives in England) and had the opportunity to attend an auction in Pennsauken, NJ on May 19th, 2001. He was amazed at the number of machines that are available here. There is nothing like it there. See Andy's pages in the Gallery! IRC: P-Man

Duncan Brown
Here's another "celebrity" shot, Duncan Brown. I met Duncan at the Pinball Wizards Convention in Allentown PA. Nice guy. While he was playing a long game of Earthshaker, I did my impression of Jar-Jar from the Star Wars Episode 1 Pin "Weesha going multiball". I think he enjoyed that more than the game he was playing. Duncan has worked on various video and pin projects for Midway / Williams, including the Episode 1 pin.

Tim Ferrante
Here's a third "celebrity" shot, Tim Ferrante. Tim is the publisher of Gameroom Magazine and one of the nicest guys in the industry. I have known Tim for a few years and he's a good guy and very funny as well. This shot was at the Allentown PA pinball show in May of 2001.

debandsteve.jpg - 103205 Bytes
Deb and Steve Myatt have an eclectic collection of pinball machines including an Attack from Mars, Meteor, Galaxy, and Black Rose. No surprise that Steve's "Other" hobbies include Astronomy and wooden model ship building (he's amongst the best in the world but won't admit it). Click on thier pictures to see the pin collection. I work with Steve and am partially responsible for thier Pinball addiction (although Deb had the pinball bug years ago, I just revived it for her). Great people!

richardsons.jpg - 5292 Bytes
Bill & Jeff Richardson - These two guys have been collecting for a rather short time, but have amassed a huge collection of games concentrating on Pins but also including Vids. Bill and I have been friends since the early 80's and knew each other from the Atari 8-bit computer days. We also worked together at a computer store called Software Gallery (it was also PC Gallery for mail order items). Great guys, both of them, I've been shopping games for them and they helped me acquire my Monster Bash pinball machine. Click on the picture to see a small part of their collection! They also own the Austin Powers Gold #10 featured on the Gallery page.

warren0.jpg - 25977 Bytes
Warren Ondras - Warren is well known for his authoring of the front-end to the Laser game emulator, Daphne and is now working on the main code with others on the project. He's a staffer on the The Dragon's Lair Project web site and besides that, he's a genuinely nice guy who I had the chance to meet at an auction in early 2002. Smart guy, even though he's shown here with a Microsoft Internet Explorer t-shirt (Hey, nobody's perfect). IRC: Warren_O

The Sauers
Diane & Nick Sauer - I met Diane at an auction after she purchased a KickMan. Having owned one, I discussed various things about the game and she asked my advice on another game she was interested in; Road Blasters. She and Nick restored the Road Blasters in a week, Completely (including a cap kit). In a month since I've met them, they have bought and repaired more games than I did in 6 months. They are amassing quite a collection, including a Doctor Who Pin and one of my favorites, Battlezone. They are shown here with Diane's son, Harry. Diane's other son, Alex was off playing games. Can't fault a guy for that! Diane has since started a business restoring and repairing Pinball Machines and Video Games. See her web site at www.shootagainpinball.com.

Pete Bruno
Pete Bruno - Pete got in a HUGE argument with Mark Davidson over him recording the prices of games at the auction and putting them on his web page. Pete thought it was ruining the sales of games because people think that they can get things cheaper (unless you can repair a game, Auctions machines can cost you a ton more than buying from a reputable dealer). Pete is a nice guy who buys, sells, and operates games for a living. Don't let his attitude or appearance fool you. He's from NY (that about sums him up).

Gene Cunningham
Gene Cunningham - I introduced myself to Gene at the 2002 Allentown PA Pinball Wizards Convention. Gene owns the rights to Alvin G. Pinball, Capcom Pinball, and Bally/Williams pinball parts. He was selling various items and we talked briefly. On the second day of the convention, Gene gave a talk on what he was working on with his company Illinois Pinball. I asked a LOT of questions. I found Gene to be forthright and honest. I think that many collectors think he does not understand thier wants and needs. I had a chance to spend some more time with Gene in November of 05, Gene is very passionate about pinball, loves his family, and does his best to complete what he starts. BBB WILL BE A REALITY!

Brian Jones
Brian Jones - I met Brian when he traveled from central Florida to be at the Baltimore auction in November of 2002. Brian had a really nice game Donkey Kong Jr. for sale and a friend of mine was looking for one, so we planned a trip down to Florida to pick it up. Coincidentally, Brian was getting this Mappy game from Steve Zeuner in NJ and Mark Davidson was driving down from NJ to pick up a Pinball machine that I got for him here in Atlanta. While Mark was driving down, an 18 wheeler smashed into his trailer and the Mappy and another game (see below) were exposed to heavy rain. The Mappy's fiberboard expanded like a sponge and it was looking bad for poor Mappy. I was suppose to take the game to Brian, but Mark was going that way and decided to do it. We went down to pick up the Donkey Kong Jr. two weeks later and Brian had already built a new top part to hold the Marquee. We all went down to see Jon and played his games. We stayed at Brian's house over night and came back the next day. Great host and a great time. See Brian's web page at http://www.tutankham.com. IRC: prOk

Todd Tuckey and Steve Engle
Todd Tuckey (Left) has been a very good friend to me over the years. Todd is well known in the game sales business for selling quality machines at his company TNT Amusements. I can't count the number of business transactions we've had, but more importantly, we've had a good friendship for years. I also have a (way too brief) appearance in his infomercial that runs on cable TV in the Philadelphia area. Please visit his site (by clicking on the company name) if you are looking to purchase a machine from a dealer. You will find none better.

Steve Engle (Right) runs Mayfair Amusements. They carry a full line of parts for various Pinball machines. I don't think Steve knows me by name, but he knows my face. I have bought a fair number of parts from him over the years, he sometimes sets up a booth at the various auctions in the area. Great source for Data East / Sega parts.

Dave DeWinter
Dave DeWinter - Dave was the first pinball collector I met when I moved from New Jersey to Georgia in the early part of 2003. I started talking to him on the GAPAS Mailing List prior to moving and he invited me to a party he was having for other members. Really great guy and what a collection of pinballs he has. Not a single one that doesn't look like it was made yesterday. Really unbelievable. He is seen here standing next to his most recent acquisition. Web page at http://www.thumpernator.com.

Matt Calvert
Matt Calvert - Matt gave me a great deal on my Berzerk video game and a bunch of spare parts. We have been chatting on IRC for I don't know how long and when we did the deal, he put me up at his house for a night. My Daughter also loved playing with his Daughter. The Track & Field pictured here is the famous "Mark Davidson Trailer Fiasco" survivor. I took it to him after Mark got it to me. It actually did pretty well after all that happened to it. IRC: globey

Tim Arnold
Tim Arnold - Tim has the largest collection of working restored pinball machines in the world. It is an unbelievable sight! I met Tim in September of 2003 at his "Family Fun Night". It was a really great time. Tim is a really great guy and another of our TRUE CELEBRITIES. There are ton's of references to things that Tim does on this web site, so click around - you'll find something.

Jim Schelberg
Jim Schelberg - Jim is the editor of The Pin Game Journal, a publication dedicated to pinball. If you have a facination to the silver ball, get this magazine - like NOW! Jim will take good care of you. He's a great guy and another of our celebrities!

Jason Cody
Jason Cody - Jason is well known as JWC and published 4 issues of Syzygy Magazine a few years ago. This was the only magazine dedicated to video game collecting. He also has an extensive collection of video games as you might guess. Visit Jason's cool web site at: Arcade2084.com. Jason is seen here next to Al's Arcade's Zoo Keeper which he totally rules the score on (see the Zoo Keeper page). IRC: JWC

Sarah - Sarah is an awesome pinheads and members of the Georgia Pinball Appreciation Society. Really fun to hang out with and play some quality pin! And no stranger to repairs either. This is the new improved Sarah - Lookin' Good!

ray-al.jpg - 30959 Bytes
Ray Smith - Ray has an awesome collection of pins and they are on 2 floors of his house. Most of his collection is 90's WPC era, but there is a couple of unique things thrown in. That's me on the right pretending that I was caught off guard. Ray has had quite a few parties where he opens his house to GAPAS members. Really great guy with awesome pins!

marvin_clay.jpg - 31453 Bytes
Marvin Yagoda and Clay Harrell - Marvin (Left) is best known as the Marvin in Marvin3m.com. This relates to his Museum of unique coin-operated amusements and novelties in Michigan. See more info on Marvin at his web site: Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. Clay (Right) is known for his guides to pinball repair at Pinball HQ and his work on This Old Pinball videos. Clay wrote me a few years ago and advised me that my cap kit guide, while good, was hard to read and print. I blew him off thinking "Who the hell are you to tell me?". But it sat in my head and I finally thought it would be a good idea so I did the printable version. Two years later I figured out who he was. His guides have been instrumental in fixing thousands of pinball machines and the tapes reinforce this. Clay has also been a lot of help to me with the Pins and Vids video project. Oh and this web site is mentioned on the first Black Hole / Haunted House video. I was happy to meet these two at Pinball Expo 2004 in Chicago for the first time. Good people!

korn.jpg - 21068 Bytes
Vince Giovannone (AKA Korn) - Vince wrote me on 1/1/2001 and inquired about buying one of our Doctor Who wobble head kits. His money was burning a hole in his pockets and he was on the top of the list to get one. We only made 25 total and I'll bet his was one of the first ones we shipped. A great guy and when I was invited by some GA friends to a party in Chicago during Expo 2004, I didn't know it was at his place! The Korn likes to make cool mods for games. His amplified Centaur was the hit of Expo 2004.

steve_kordek.jpg - 30745 Bytes
Steve Kordek - Where does one begin with Mr. Kordek. In 1948, Mr. Kordek designed Triple Action, the first flipper game with flippers at the bottom of the playfield. His career spans from 1948 to 2003 designing pins. I met him in the lobby during Expo, we discussed a few things and it was one of the highlights of the trip for me. A wonderful gentleman and a living legend at the young age of 94 when this picture was taken.

macman.jpg - 20705 Bytes
Paul Sommers (AKA MacMan, AKA Funster) - I met Paul at Expo 2004 originally at Korn's house. He flew in from Sydney Australia for the show. Neat guy and a genuine pleasure to be around. I still owe him a lunch at least.

RobBlackton.jpg - 28830 Bytes
Rob Blackton - Rob has a huge collection of pins and lost some of the most valuable games in existance to a fire in his house. He drove down to my house in GA from Delaware to get my Gottlieb Circus in 2004 (it was very nice, but quite dead). It was good to meet up with him at Expo 2004. Genuinely nice guy, always a pleasure to talk to.

kraig.jpg - 18526 Bytes
Kraig Ashley - Kraig has a HUGE collection of pinball machines with over 50 SET UP in his house! It's a serious WOW! And one of the nicest guys you'll meet. Loves to MOD his games as well. Serious Collector.

rachels.jpg - 25589 Bytes
Jon and Julie Rachel - These two have built one of the nicest gamerooms I've ever seen. Lots of pins from older EMs to 2004. I think there were 21 games at thier house when I was there. The fun part is, they did this all in less than 2 years. Absolutely amazing.

eric.jpg - 33630 Bytes
Eric Johansen - Eric buys, restores, and sometimes resells pinball machines. I got my Scared Stiff from him and the playfield was like a piece of glass. Good Guy, an important part of the Georgia Pinball scene.

paul.jpg - 38967 Bytes
Paul Kiefert - Where do you begin when it comes down to your clone. Yes, Paul and I think alike. So much that I saw him as the only choice to co-host Pins and Vids with me. I'd like to also add that he is the funnier of the two of us. A really great friend and an awesome guy. This picture was taken in LATE January, 2006 - Grin...

JamesL.jpg - 49741 Bytes
James Loflin - The man, the myth, the legend! Owner of Pinball Inc., manufacturers of the finest replacement ramps made for pinball machines. Now a part of the North American Pinball Parts Alliance (NAPPA). A really great guy with his hand on the pulse of the industry.

dspake.jpg - 50229 Bytes
David Spake - A really interesting pinhead. Lots of fun to hang with and talk pinball with. Everytime I see him, his hair is different. Interesting...

Fred Fyfe (AKA - TOG) - Engineer at PMI that made sure that the BBB project was a success! I really like Fred a lot, a genuinely nice guy. The name TOG is short for "The Other Guy". Kim Carter couldn't remember his name in a posting on the BBB forum and called him "The Other Guy". I was posting a lot on the BBB forum and abbreviated it to TOG to save time. So he has Kim and I to blame (mostly Kim).

Gary Fyfe - Gary is TOG's brother and did a lot of the decalling of the BBB project. Paul and I helped him load trucks with BBB pins!

Python Anghelo - Artist and Game designer for Williams, Capcom Pinball, and now Bay Tek. Prolly one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Genius and insanity collide with this man. I met him at the 2007 Pinball Expo and will never be the same!

Phoebe Smith - Game Restorer and Artist I met her at the 2007 Pinball Expo and she introduced me to Python (above). Phoebe does some of the most amazing restoration work I've ever seen. If you want any extensive repair work done, look her up at Phoebe's Pinball Painting.

Kim Carter - Kim Carter runs Illinois Pinball in Bloomington, IL. Kim and I became friends because of the Big Bang Bar project and remain great friends. When I go to Bloomington, I look forward to spending time with my Sister from a different familY!

Eric Andries - Pinball collector from Belgium. BBB #69 Owner. One of the first of the new runs of BBBs produced and delivered in 2006. Great guy with an impressive collection of games. Website at: Eric Pinball

Rob Craig - Game restorer, Collector, Videographer, Podcaster, Author, Etc. Rob does it all! This was from the first time we met in Chicago in 2008. Rob is a great creative force and a major asset to the Pinball community! Website at: PopBumber.com

Steve Rothschild - Close friend of Rob Craig's. Avid collector and restorer. Nice guy!

Chris Bucci
Chris Bucci - Chris and I have colaberated for years and Chris produced the incredible BBB review video for Pins and Vids 3. We finally met at Allentown on 5/1/10! Great guy! Won big in the pinball tourney! Check out his website with cool videos at: Bucci's Pinball Arcade