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Collecting arcade games takes you to a lot of strange places and you meet a lot of people.

Arcade collecting would be nothing without other people. I've met a ton of people and shared adventures with them. The people page is the one I'm most proud of. You can really see the people I've met while collecting and I'm creating some pages of the adventures we've shared. Don't think that there's really any more adventures to be had, you're not in deep enough! Just explore these pages a bit, you're in for some crazy stuff. The Gallery is my way of sharing some of the experiences I've had with you, the reader.

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Cool People I've Met! - Ever Changing!
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Pins and Vids Web Page

Pins & Vids Audio Show #6 (Matt Ownby)

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10/16/13 2013 Pinball Expo - Chicago
05/03/13 Allentown PA 2013 Pinball Convention
10/20/12 2012 Pinball Expo - Chicago
05/10/12 Allentown PA 2012 Pinball Convention
04/17/10 Kalamazoo, MI - Pinball at the Zoo Convention
05/01/10 Allentown 2010 Pinball Wizards Convention
10/01-03/08 Pinball Expo / IPB Show 2008
5/02-04/08 Allentown 2008 Pinball Wizards Convention
10/24-27/07 Pinball Expo / IPB Show 2007
6/03/07 Opening the box of a new Big Bang Bar Pinball Machine! - Pictures Taken June 3, 2007.
4/06/07 Texas Pinball Festival 2007 - Pictures Taken March 23-24, 2007.
9/08/06 Allentown 2006 - Pictures Taken May, 2006.
11/30/05 Pinball Expo 21 - 2005 - Pictures Taken November 18, 2005.
5/22/05 Jon and Julie Rachel's Gameroom - Pictures Taken May 21, 2005. Fabulous gameroom in GA.
5/04/05 Pinball Wizards Convention (Allentown, PA) - Pictures Taken April 29-30, 2005.
10/18/04 Pinball Expo 20 - 2004 - Pictures Taken October 13-16, 2004.
08/09/04 Steve Day IV - Pictures Taken July 31, 2004.
05/01/04 Allentown Pinball Wizards 2004 Convention. - Pictures Taken May 1st, 2004.
03/14/04 Tim Arnold's Fun Night - I went a second time! See what happens when one of the largest collections of pinball machines is open to the public to play!
11/22/03 My Work Log  - I decided to create a log of all of my current arcade projects. I have a lot more than I thought!
09/17/03 Tim Arnold's Fun Night - See what happens when one of the largest collections of pinball machines is open to the public to play!
08/28/03 2003 The Summer of Arcade Love - Lots of travel and an accident.
05/08/03 Allentown Pinball Wizards 2003 Convention. - Pictures Taken May 3rd, 2003.
11/16/02 Baltimore 2002 Auction - Pictures they wouldn't allow you to see! I was told that I was not allowed to take pictues at the auction - Here are the results! Some are from video tape.
09/21/02 RARE Combatribes Pinball Machine - Picture Taken September 17, 2002 at Mt. Holly NJ Auction.
09/15/02 Wayne NJ 2002 Pinball Convention. - Pictures Taken September 14, 2002.
05/09/02 Allentown Pinball Wizards 2001 Convention. - Pictures Taken May 4th & 5th, 2001.
05/05/02 Allentown Pinball Wizards 2002 Convention. - Pictures Taken May 3rd & 4th, 2002.
04/07/02 Letter From Mark. - Last November (2001), Mark Davidson of "The Basement Arcade" replied to an e-mail I wrote him, busting on him because of a new addition to his web page. Pretty funny dialog.
04/07/02 Strange Stuff. - This is a preview pic of a page I am planning to put together on "the strange things i've found done to games". This is a Sega Pinball Driver Board with parts missing and a "Transistor on Stilts" for some reason. I can't figure it out either.
04/02 This Old Pinball Mention. - The "This Old Pinball" video series that Shaggy and Norm do are fun and full of stupid things besides having and unbelievable amount of information on them. There is a link on the main page to get your own copies of these videos. They mentioned ME in this short 3MB AVI clip from the 5-1 tape. Too funny NOT to share.
12/28/01 Project Wobble Head. - A friend of mine designed a motion unit to make the robot head on top of the Doctor Who Pinball machine (called a Dalek) work as it did in the prototype. Really cool pictures of the development and MPG video of it in action at various stages. The devices are all sold now. It was a great project.
10/09/01 ANDY WELBURN's Arcade pages. - Cool reading! All collectors shoud see. Includes the "Lost Atari Documents" and the "Grotesque".
03/18/00 My NIB Star Wars Episode One Pin - Opening the box of a new Pinball Machine (AKA: How to loose money, the easy way) (Warning: Long Load Time)
08/14/99 Warehouse Run - (AKA: The trip from Hell) (Very Long Load Time)
History "How I got into collecting Video Games" - by Al Warner

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